Raymond Rawls has been involved in design and the arts for all of his life. His father is and artist and abstract painter and lived in Brooklyn New York. During that time, he spent many years visiting and working with artists and craftspeople to learn as much as he could about the creative process.

Lorraine Duerden has a fine arts degree and an eye for detail. Her observations of nature inform her sculpting talent and bring life to the work she does.


The single most important thing for artist to do is contribute their skills to address the needs of the built environment. This includes creating space that inspires people, teaches them and accomplishes this without harming the world in which we all live.

  • Design- concept, rendering, 3D modeling, graphics, illustration
  • Fabrication- cabinet making, metalwork, sculpting, artifact mounts, mold-making, casting
  • Artistry- distinct, detailed, dedicated

Examples of Our Work